Our Story

EG Robotics was started by brothers Zayne and Zyan in 2012. Zayne has a masters in teaching from George Fox University and Zyan is an electrical engineering major. They combined their efforts to create the curriculum we use in classes. We’re a local company and our courses are held right here, in elementary schools in the Portland metro area. With over 15 teachers, we currently offer classes in 40+ elementary schools. We strive to have the best program possible and are always open to suggestions for better courses, as we feel that learning technology is vital for students. We’re proud to provide students with an opportunity to start learning about electronics at a young age! We hope you’ll join with us, to help make our program the best it can be!

Zayne Mayfield

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder, Teacher

I play many roles at EG Robotics, as does all of the team. I am responsible for everything related to the Level 1 courses: partnering with schools, working with EG teachers, developing curriculum, communication with partners, and anything else that might come up! I work with Zyan in most aspects (especially curriculum) and you’ll hear us arguing back and forth in the office about how to make the EG Robotics program the best in Portland!

Zyan Mayfield

Chief Creative Officer, Co-Founder, Teacher

I am passionate about the creative process and teaching kids. I develop the ideas and projects used in both EG Robotics after-school classes and summer camps.

Zach Mayfield

Business Development Officer, Teacher


Zeal Mayfield

Chief Technology Officer, Teacher

Zeal Mayfield

I aspire to learn everything there is to know about web technologies, and to one day expand what there is to know. I maintain and develop the information systems at EG Robotics. This includes the online enrollment and payment systems as well as the business’s internal management systems. I love my job! I want to continue to make EG Robotics’ systems more user-friendly and more convenient. In my free time I like to program web applications, read fantasy/sci-fi books, and tinker with various gadgets.

Madeline Numbers

Robot Wrangler, EG Teacher

Hi, I am a PSU graduate with a B.S. in anthropology. Getting to learn more about technology and helping kids learn life long skills is the best job ever!  When I am not in the classroom I help make sure things are running smoothly behind the scenes in the office.

My free time is spent camping, hiking, and going on adventures with my dog. I collect Pokemon cards, and am trying to catch them all in Pokemon Go right now.

Aaron Tomasko

EG Teacher

I recently moved to Portland from Oklahoma City. I am a musician and sound engineer. I am passionate about learning how things work and love sharing that passion with others. When I’m not playing with my band, I enjoy exploring the outdoors and always keep an eye out for cool rocks, minerals, and fossils.

Alexandra Hawes

EG Teacher

I’ve been interested in helping kids learn since my days as a counselor at Girl Scout camp! I have lived in Portland for ten years and am determined to meet every cat in the city. Currently I am a graduate student at Portland State University working on my thesis on early American architecture. My hobbies include reading, writing, and watching baseball.

Alex Kudroff

EG Teacher

I don’t have a middle name, but if I did, it would probably be Imaginative Inquiry-Based Science Education! (Is that too long?) I have been in the education field since graduating from Columbia, teaching after school programs, tutoring, and teaching full time at the zoo in Queens, NY. I am currently in the process of developing/writing/producing/puppeteering/you-name-it-ing an educational musical web series that blends art and science. I am so excited to help encourage students’ scientific imaginations with EG Robotics!

Alisha Dosani

EG Teacher

Transplant from the south and recently moved to Portland! I was an elementary school teacher in Oklahoma City for two years and fell in love with the midwest. I am excited about my time with EG Robotics. I feel like this opportunity will give me a chance  to dive back into the classroom and learn robotics alongside the students.

Billy van der Wal

EG Teacher

Hello! My name is Billy and I just moved to Portland from New York City. I graduated from Hobart College in upstate New York with a bachelors degree in sociology. I am passionate about teaching and working with kids, especially in alternative education oriented non profits that focus on project based learning. I am open minded, light hearted and always looking for a new adventure or project. I grew up in Rhode Island and have spent my summers sailing since I was eight years old. In my free time I enjoy taking photos, reading, playing piano, and listening to music. I’m excited for all that Portland has to offer and am proud to be a part of the EGR Team!

Chris Billups

EG Teacher

As a kid I lived and grew-up in NE Portland. I attended Vernon Grade School and Jefferson High School. I played a little football and ran a little track. I started college at Lewis and Clark and finished at Portland State University with a degree in Biology. After a few non biology jobs, I returned to Portland State and earned my teaching certificate so I could teach the high school sciences. I taught Biology at Beaverton High School where I was also an athletic trainer and track coach. After a year I was lured away to restart a 30 year career in telecommunications, data communications and radio communication. My last job was designing radio communication systems for underground gold and coal mines.

I am married to my high school sweetheart and we have six, now almost grown, children, two cats and a 1972 Ford Maverick drag race car. I am a General Class licensed ham radio operator. My call sign is N7UBS.

My goal in life is help pry open young minds to the wonders of life as regards to the sciences. I believe a curious mind is a wonderful thing!

George Lee

EG Teacher

I was one of those bored-to-death kids in school, so of course I want nothing more now than to be a teacher.

In my free time I make little doohickeys that move (https://www.behance.net/GeorgeL) or play video games with my twelve-year-old sister, who – I’m proud to say – can skunk me in Star Wars Battlefront. Currently learning how to write HTML and play the jaw harp.

Jeff Mott

EG Teacher

Hey! I’m Jeff and I’ve just arrived here from Paris, and am super excited to get to know Portland. I’ve been working in schools non stop for the last 3 years teaching math, literature, and robotics. What we do here is amazing and I have the wonderful privilege to work with some fascinating and intelligent students who are already teaching me new things! My favorite robots would have to be either R2D2 or Hal 9000, and though our robots might be as sophisticated by the end of the class, I’m positive they’ll be just as cool.

Marisa Agger

EG Teacher

Hello! I am currently a student at Reed. After school, I have the best job I could imagine. That is, teaching awesome kids how to build robots! I was on a FIRST Robotics Team when I was in high school, which means I have a good idea of what this education can lead to… five foot tall energy efficient frisbee throwing bots of destruction! I enjoy rock climbing, adventuring in the wilderness, and traveling to new places.

Megan Littlejohn

EG Teacher

I have been involved in education, recreation, and mentoring since graduating from the University of Oregon with an English degree in 2010. I went on to teach English in South Korea for two years, and have been involved with summer camps and after-school programs as both a volunteer and staff member. I love nerding out and creative problem solving. Helping young people discover a love for learning is one of my biggest passions, along with writing, storytelling, and the outdoors.

Mitch Pyle

EG Teacher

I grew up in Idaho and moved to Portland in 2003. So far, I’ve obtained a Culinary Degree and studied Aikido and Tai Chi. You can find me outside skateboarding or inside playing video games. I love solving problems and learning new things. Currently, I’m a student of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Portland State University. I am so excited to be a part of EG Robotics. It’s a great opportunity to share the knowledge I’ve learned, and inspire today’s kids to be tomorrow’s creative engineers.

Nyaz Addison

EG Teacher

I’ve spent most of my adult life finding ways to engage with youngsters in a productive way; whether it was help with homework or learning about a new skill together. As well as working with EGRobotics, I serve children and youth in my neighborhood building community. I believe time spent fostering their capacities and helping them build virtue in their lives is very important in the growth of our society. Accompanying kids from building a robot to tackling life’s meltdowns, I’m there!

R. Elliott Wall III

EG Teacher

I’m a visual artist, valve-state electronics, and Russian language enthusiast. The Z bros and the people at EGR are truly noble souls and a blessing to work with and learn from.

Rene Morales

EG Teacher

Hi my name is Rene Morales and I’m new at EG Robotics. I love being able to help children get into the exciting world of robotics. In my down time I like to hike, bike, run in the great outdoors, and to spend time with my baby boy!

Ryan Keithahn

EG Teacher

I’m Ryan and I am a current economics student at Reed College. I am passionate about working with kids and have been working in after school programs and camps for the last 5 years! I love watching kids get excited about robotics and learning in general. In my free time I like to be outdoors, cook new foods, and make art.

Santigie Fofana-Dura

EG Teacher

In the past, I have worked as a teacher and administrator for various arts and recreation organizations including Portland Parks & Rec, Right Brain Initiative, My Voice Music, Caldera, and OCAC.  I studied Sociology at Santa Clara University and Education at Concordia University, as well as Collaborative-Design at the Pacific Northwest College of Art. I am currently on the teaching artist roster for the Young Audiences and Right Brain Initiative. You can learn more about me on my website:  www.santigie.com 

Shaba Rahavi

EG Teacher

I am a recent graduate from Portland State University with a degree in Film Production. I have a never quenching thirst for knowledge, and an endless curiosity for how the world works. Consequently, I believe that young people have a great deal of potential and, being our hope for the future, it is important to foster those capacities so that they become an innovative force in our society.

Steven Lewis

EG Teacher

Hello! I’m Steven, and I loved being a part of the FIRST Robotics Team in high school. My goal with teaching in this program is to share that excitement and inspire kids on their own adventures with technology. After getting a degree in Mechanical Engineering from USC and working as an engineer, I continued to mentor elementary and middle school teams in the VEX IQ competition. I enjoy exploring the forest with my dog, playing games, and painting.

Zachary Snyder

EG Teacher

Unfortunately I did not discover my passion for tinkering with code and wires until right after I graduated from Colorado College three years ago with a Bachelor’s in Geology.  My personal interest in electronics grew tangentially out of my passion for music and music technology, but learning to work with bits and circuits has empowered me in ways that extend beyond artistic pursuits, including allowing me to work as an engineer.  I love the process of discovery, and the explosion of self-confidence that comes from solving the (seemingly) unsolvable.  I remember almost giving up several times along the way when I was just getting started, but I was lucky enough to be guided and cheered on by my engineer cousin who helped me push through the tough moments.  I am thrilled to have the opportunity to help others start their own journey along this path, especially individuals who still have so much of their future from which to carve out whatever adventures they choose.