Start Your Kid’s Adventure at TEK Scouts Today!

Drop Off Anytime

Drop your student off any school day with notice from 2:00pm until 6:30pm if we aren’t full for the day. If you want to secure your spot you can register ahead of time!

Earn Badges

Your kid will setup their picture profile, choose the topic and specific badge they want to earn then grab a computer, kit, workbook guide and find their teacher to begin their adventure!

Badge Ceremony

You are invited to see your kid receive the badges they have earned over the quarter at the badge ceremony. Opportunities and special rewards will open up as students earn more badges!

Move at Your Pace

TEK Scouts ensures your student keeps learning as fast as they can without being slowed down by the typical classroom system. Teachers motivate your student to learn at their best!

Check Out Some of the Badges!

Ready to get started?

Check the monthly schedule or just drop by the TEK Center. Get signed up and pay on spot without any notice or click the link below to register and pay.

  • 1+ Hours
  • Check it out for a day and get started!
  • $16 Per Hour
  • 10+ Hours
  • Or join us 1 time each week!
  • $14 Per Hour
  • 25+ Hours
  • Or better yet 2-3 times each week!
  • $12 Per Hour
  • 40+ Hours
  • Quickly master badges at 4 times each week!
  • $10 Per Hour
  • 55+ Hours
  • Hone your skills like a champ each day!
  • $8 Per Hour

Didn’t use all your hours in the month?

Don’t worry they don’t go to waste! Every hour that is not used will go into the scholarship fund which allows economically disadvantaged students to take part in TEK Scouts. Thank you for giving these students a chance to reach their potential!

Frequently Asked Questions!

What is the least amount of time I can use?

Always plan on having your student learn for 30 minutes at a time. If they are here for 1 hour and 45 minutes then it will count as 2 hours. So if you have 15 minutes to spare have them finish out what they are doing and use the full time!

Do my hours carry over to the next month?

No. But hopefully you can still feel good that you will be supporting economically disadvantaged students by not using all of your hours for the month!

Do I have to pay for badges my student earns?

All kids get a digital badge that shows up on their profile. If you want a physical badge that will cost an extra amount.

Do I have to pay extra for material and parts?

No, all the required parts and supplies need to learn and earn their badge is provided.

If I find I use more hours can I upgrade to the next option?

Yes. However, there is a $10 upgrade fee involved as there are twice the transactions and recording.

Can my student take a break?

Yes, we have space for them to eat their snack, play ping-pong or foosball, or just run around. They could also take a Minecraft break if computers allow and you have given permission for them to play. Or they can sit on the couch and read a book for a few minutes. If your student is prone to taking too many breaks please communicate that with their teacher and will make sure they keep challenged.

My kid loves Minecraft is there a badge for that?

We love’d playing games as kids. We believe if a student aspires to be great at a video game that it builds character and can actually be work. We want to make a track for these students who love to play games, but to help them approach the game as you would a project. We want to help them develop skills on figuring out what they need to learn, what skills they need to develop, and in what ways do they need to develop their thinking.

Shortly we will have gaming badges that are not for the casual gamer, but for people who want to be intentional about developing and progressing skills.