Course Outline

Week 1: Learn and build circuits using a large breadboard and one continuously connected circuit.

Week 2: Assemble the base of the robot using bolts, nuts, motors, wheels, etc.

Week 3: Build the controller and wire it to the robot.

Week 4: Build a light sensing circuit that controls multiple LEDs on the robot lighting the path only when the room goes dark.

Week 5: Add obstacle sensor and calibrate it to the correct distance. Add a 3rd button to the controller to operate a new accessory.

Week 6: Finish Rescue Bot and add any additional features and test out your handling skills in some challenges.

Learning Outline

Week 1: Open & Closed circuits, Breadboard, Battery Pack, LED, Buzzer, Resistor, Electrons jumping from atom to atom, voltage

Week 2: Learn about what impacts robot speed, wiring motors, how to use bolts & nuts with a screwdriver

Week 3: Learning to strip wires, twist wires together, use electrical tape, understand mini breadboards and how to control motors with momentary switches

Week 4: Learn about voltage divide, transistors, resistance, light sensors, and wiring with male-female wires

Week 5: Learn about Infrared and how it can be used to sense objects, understand how to wire an indicator light to a module

Week 6: Understand how the controller functions with a 3rd button and work on skills relating to repair & improving performance.

***Our courses are designed in a spiral method where we introduce concepts and in each class we come back around to them in a slightly different way to reinforce or even relearn facts, concepts, and skills.

Homework – Coming Soon

Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5

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