Peachjar Information

EG Robotics Costs

At EG Robotics we have worked hard to keep costs low. Here is the cost of EG Robotics Physical flyers.

Cost per full color EG Robotics flyer: $0.012
Average flyer count per school: 270
Cost per school: $3.24
EG robotics is in 19 PPS schools
Total cost for only 1 round of physical flyers to all 19 schools: $61.56

(Has been verified with Jon Isaacs)

Peachjar Costs

EG Robotics cost of using Peachjar digital flyer service:

Cost per flyer: $0.093
Average Flyer count per school: 270
Cost per school: $25
EG robotics is in 19 PPS schools
Total cost for only 1 round of physical flyers to all 19 schools: $475
(Verified on Peachjar Website:

Peachjar Conflict Timeline

January 13th – Peachjar sends email to EG Robotics stating PPS has made a contract with them and we are now required to use their service exclusively.

EG Robotics contacted Distribution of materials office to see if this was real. They told us that we could still do paper flyers and not use their service if we got principal permission.

We contacted Peachjar and was put to

On Peachjar

Flyer Design?

At first we thought well maybe Peachjar does flyer design. Well they don’t. They probably make money for  advertising the two websites they share where you can design your own flyers.


When we first contacted Peachjar we were transferred over to a specialist to see about additional discounts and offers that they might have for us. To be honest, the Peachjar representative did a great job communicating and trying to work within their business model to bring the price down. It went from $4000+ to just under a $1000.

We asked if this offer would be available to all after school programs and they said other after school programs are fine with the pricing and they work with each company on an individual basis.

We also asked if this pricing would be the same for the following year and they said they would not commit to this pricing for the following year. It looks like just an introductory rate to get you on board like internet companies do, but you can’t switch providers in this case… I asked them if there was anything in the contract with PPS that keeps them from raising their price or not offering more discounts next year when everyone is using it. They said they have the freedom to charge a price they believe is fair.

EG Robotics Outrage

After an hour conversation and learning more about the contract they have with PPS and pricing we were actually quite upset and angry that the school district would allow a for profit company access to all parent information and charge after school enrichment providers outrageous amounts of money (in our opinion) to send emails to parents. On top of that if we still do physical flyers we now have to pay $25 to Peachjar plus our cost of printing the flyers!

We thought this is a great business model for making huge profits. Trade a very cheap service to the school district in return for all parent information and then charge after school providers access to parent information to be able to advertise our programs.

Money Cycle

Parents and public pay for school district > School District trades parent information to Peachjar > Peachjar charges after school enrichment programs access to parent information > After school programs charge parents