Course Outline

Week 1: Learn and build circuits using a medium breadboard and multiple circuits using basic to advanced parts.

Week 2: Design, cut, and glue the robot together.

Week 3: Build the Light detecting circuit to control the robot.

Week 4: Build the 555 timer circuit to control the speed of the robot.

Week 5: Add IR sensors to detect the line.

Week 6: Add LED indicators and calibrate and test Robot.

Learning Outline

Week 1: Open & Closed circuits, Breadboard, Battery Pack, LED, Buzzer, Capacitor, RGB and 7 Segment LED, Electrons jumping from atom to atom, voltage

Week 2: Learn about what impacts the alignment of the robot, wiring motors, Chassis design and sliders

Week 3: Learn how the Darlington Pair works and understand using the TIP 120 along with an LDR to control when to robot moves

Week 4: Get a basic understanding of the 555 Timer and how PWM works with controlling the speed of the robot

Week 5: Learn about IR modules and how they can be used to detect and cause the robot to follow a line

Week 6: Understand how to calibrate the robot using the speed control, IR module sensitivity, Spacing and height to successfully to get the robot around the track.

***Our courses are designed in a spiral method where we introduce concepts and in each class we come back around to them in a slightly different way to reinforce or even relearn facts, concepts, and skills.

Homework – Coming Soon

Homework #1Homework #2Homework #3Homework #4

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