Teacher/Assistant Role
Student Engagement
Student Journals
AMP Dollars
Behavior Booklet
Attention Getting
Role Call/Phone Call
School Check In
Student Games
Classroom Hot Glue Use
Help Stations
Bathroom Procedure
Battery Management
Charging and Cycling
Student Clean up
Teacher Clean up
Student Pickup
Late Pickup
Fire Drill
Earthquake Drill
Lock Down Drill
Wire Stripping
Auto Wire Stripping
Twisting Wires
Electrical Tape Wrapping
Hot Glue Use
Battery Pack Repair
Setting up Computer/Projector
Audio Issues
Video Issues
Syncing Curriculum
Checking Online Rosters
L2: Crimping Dupont Heads
L2: Multimeter
L2: Teacher EGR Portal
L3: Arduino Connection Issues
L3: Inventory

L3: Sync Computers
L3: Exit Curriculum
L3: Setting up for Class
L3: Club Meetings
L3: Tracking Progress
L3: Student Breaks
L3: Health Bar
L3: Student Cleanup
L3: Charging Computers
L3: Robotic Arm
L3: Robot Pet
L3: Maze Exit
L3: Putt-Putt Golf
L3: Robot Navigation
L3: Smart Menu
L3: Sumo Competition
L3: Electronic Gardening
New Frontiers
Going Green
Challenge Bots
Light Racer
Electro Tech
Audio Architect
Medieval Games
EG Engineer
L2: Rescue Bots
L2: Operation IC
L2: Retro Gamepad
L3: Club Booklet 1
L3: Club Competition
L4: Club Booklet 2
Back-Forth Car
Green Building
Junk racer
L2: Rescue Bot
L2: Line Follower
L2: Retro Gamepad
L2: Trading Cards
L3: Arduino Club Booklet 1
L3: Lights & Laser
L3: Electronic Creator
L4: After Care Kit
L4: Kit 4 Every Kid
Terms Booklet
Circuits Booklet
Memorized Circuits
New Frontiers Journal
Going Green Journal
Circuit Trouble Shooting
L2: Rescue Bots Journal
L2: Operation IC Journal
L2: Retro Gamepad Journal
L3: Club Booklet 1
L4: Club Booklet 2
Bit Sync
Google Drive
L2: Fritzing
L2: Publisher
L2: Network Access
L3: Arduino IDE
L3: Muvizu
L3: Audacity
L3: Inkscape
L4: Gimp
L4: Sony Vegas
L4: Adobe Premiere
L4: Google Sheets

Magic: The Gathering
Pokemon/Pokemon Go