Course Outline

Week 1: Electricity! – Build a generator and test it with a multi-meter and test solar panels.

Week 2: Building circuits – Breadboards, Battery Packs, LEDs, Resistors, etc.

Week 3: Security Circuits – Switch Lock, Pressure Alarm, Laser Alarm

Week 4: Advanced Circuits – RGB LEDs, 7 Segment LEDs, Tilt Switch, etc.

Week 5: Back Forth Robot – Wire motors to switch and start on chassis.

Week 6: Finish robot and build mechanical arm for switching back and forth.

Learning Outline

Week 1: AC and DC Power, Electrons jumping from atom to atom, Electron is negative, Proton is positive, Neutron is neutral, Voltage

Week 2: Open & Closed circuits, Breadboard, Battery Pack, LED, Buzzer, Resistor, LDR

Week 3: Switches and locks, Bump Switch (Closed, Normally Closed, Normally Open), How laser works

Week 4: How 7 Segment LEDs, RGB LEDs, and tilt switches work

Week 5: How motors work, How a DPDT switch can switch polarity in a motor

Week 6: Understanding weight placement, experimenting with designs and possibly learning to repair things

***Our courses are designed in a spiral method where we introduce concepts and in each class we come back around to them in a slightly different way to reinforce or even relearn facts, concepts, and skills.


New Frontiers Comments and Suggestions

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  1. Jamal Faik
    Jamal Faik says:

    DO you guys give handouts? My son attend the New Frontiers at KCLC (portland) but when we want to do the homework, we have no references no materials…I can’t find them here on this website


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