Course Outline

Week 1: Electricity! – Build a generator and test it with a multi-meter and test solar panels.

Week 2: Building circuits – Breadboards, Battery Packs, LEDs, Resistors, etc.

Week 3: Security Circuits – Switch Lock, Pressure Alarm, Laser Alarm

Week 4: Advanced Circuits – RGB LEDs, 7 Segment LEDs, Tilt Switch, etc.

Week 5: Back Forth Robot – Wire motors to switch and start on chassis.

Week 6: Finish robot and build mechanical arm for switching back and forth.

Learning Outline

Week 1: AC and DC Power, Electrons jumping from atom to atom, Electron is negative, Proton is positive, Neutron is neutral, Voltage

Week 2: Open & Closed circuits, Breadboard, Battery Pack, LED, Buzzer, Resistor, LDR

Week 3: Switches and locks, Bump Switch (Closed, Normally Closed, Normally Open), How laser works

Week 4: How 7 Segment LEDs, RGB LEDs, and tilt switches work

Week 5: How motors work, How a DPDT switch can switch polarity in a motor

Week 6: Understanding weight placement, experimenting with designs and possibly learning to repair things

***Our courses are designed in a spiral method where we introduce concepts and in each class we come back around to them in a slightly different way to reinforce or even relearn facts, concepts, and skills.

Homework – Coming Soon

Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5

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