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Week 6 Objectives:

Objective A:    – Add a 7 Segment LED to your robot

Objective B:    – Add directional LEDs to your robot

Objective C:    – Participate in a relay race

components needed:

1x 7 Segment LED
5x Male-male wire
1x 220 Ohm resistor

Objective A: 7 Segment Circuit

Add a 7 Segment LED to your breadboard to display a letter or number. The 7 Segment shown in the diagram below will display an uppercase ‘E’, but you can change the wiring around to display a character of your choosing. Experiment!

components needed:

2x LED
4x Male-female wire
2x 220 Ohm resistor

Objective B: Direction LEDs

Add 2 LEDs to your DPDT switch so that one lights up when your robot is going forwards and the other lights up when it is going backwards. Because your robot uses a 6 volt battery pack, both LEDS will need resistors even if you are using colors other than red.

Completed robot circuit with 7 Segment and 2 directional LEDs

Objective C: Race time!

Find a classmate to race against! Whose robot will be the first to make it to the other side of the room and back? Or challenge yourself at home – how many times can your robot go back and forth without getting stuck?

Homework – Coming Soon

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