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Week 5 Objectives:

Objective A:    – Attach wires and popsicle stick to DPDT switch and mount switch on robot

Objective B:    – Wire DPDT switch to motor for reversing robot direction

Objective C:    – Build bumper arm for automatically switching direction

materials needed:

Small screwdriver
Hot glue
1x DPDT switch
6x Male-female wire
1x Male-male wire
1x Popsicle stick w/ hole

Objective A: DPDT Wires and Popsicle Stick

First: Attach 6 male-female wires to the DPDT switch.

Next: Attach the DPDT switch to the robot.

Objective A Build Videos
materials needed:

2x Male-male wires

Already on robot:
DPDT switch

Objective B: DPDT Circuit

Build this circuit on your breadboard.
When you are done: flipping the DPDT switch will swap positive and negative on your motor, reversing its direction.

materials needed:

Hot glue
5x Popsicle sticks

Objective C: Bumper Arm

Add a bumper arm to your robot so that it will automatically reverse direction when it drives into a wall. Start by building it off of the popsicle stick you attached to your switch earlier. The design of the arm is up to you, but it should extend all the way out past the front and back of your robot so it can push into things.

One possible arm design

Homework – Coming Soon

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