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Week 1 Objectives:

Objective A:    –  Define electricity, AC and DC power, and name parts of an atom

Objective B:    –  Make a generator and use it to light up an LED

Objective C:    –  Use a Solar Panel to light up an LED and use a multimeter to measure voltage

Objective A: Terms

Test yourself! Can you identify all of the following?


The flow of electrons from atom to atom


Alternating current – electrons move back and forth


Direct current – electrons move in one direction only

Parts of an Atom

Proton – positive charge

Neutron – neutral charge

Electron – negative charge


Objective B: Generator

A generator is a device for producing AC power. It is made by spinning a magnet that is surrounded by a coil of wire. The magnetic force of the rotating magnet pushes and pulls electrons in the coil, creating electricity!

Light up an LED by connecting each of its legs to one of the alligator clips from the generator. Because LEDs only allow electricity to pass through in one direction, connecting one to an AC power supply causes it to flash on and off.

Objective C: Multimeter

A multimeter is a tool that can be used to measure electricity. It has many different settings, but for now we are just interested in measuring voltage.

By turning the knob on the multimeter to 200 V~ we can measure the AC voltage from our generator. Connect the red and black test probes to the alligator clips coming from the generator.

By turning the knob on the multimeter to 20 V= we can measure the DC voltage from a battery. Connect the red probe to the positive (bumpy) side of the battery, and connect the black probe to the negative (flat) side of the battery.


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