EG Robotics Level 2: Arduino Adventures!

Level 2 of the EG Robotics is where the real fun and learning starts! Now that you have passed level 1 and know the basics of electricity and electrical components you can now start your Arduino Adventures journey in learning to program and use more advanced Chips and circuits!

Class Projects

Class projects are a lot like level 1 with each student working on a project at the same time and pace. Students will have a great time socializing and learning together during this time of the class. When a student finishes that week’s task for the project they get to move onto their independent learning to always continue learning!

Learn Faster

Students progress through the independent curriculum at their own pace! Students will earn AMP dollars and build many modular components to add to their class projects or independent projects. Students will generally spend half of class time on independent learning.


Students will learn to program through the independent learning track and will be able to use their knowledge of programming and Arduino to make their class projects even better! The Arduino uses a form of C/C++. Our Drag-A-Code system allows students to interface with real Arduino code, but avoid having to type long statements!


In level 2 students will use laptops for both the class and independent learning. The curriculum is loaded onto the laptops and allows the students to follow along with the story plot as well as see schematics, diagrams, how to videos, and each step required to complete the project as well as take tests to move to the next level!

Modular Building

Our new system of building modular parts will give students the ability to do more in less time. Instead of always building new circuits for each project they will make key circuits into modules and use them when needed. (Motor Driver, Controller, 555 Timer, Distance sensor, Pull down resistor, etc.)

Electronic Kits

Students get more parts and electronic kits in level 2, which means they will need a box to keep all the stuff in! Students are responsible for bringing their kits to class and back. This means they can also work and experiment at home with their projects!