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Week 6 Objectives:

Objective A:    – Add LEDs to junk racer

Objective B:    – Finish junk racer construction

Objective C:    – Participate in a junk race

components needed:
Junk racer
2x LED
2x 220 Ohm resistor
4x M-F wire

Objective A: Lights

Add 2 LEDs to your junk racer as shown in the diagram.

For each LED:
Wrap a resistor around one leg.
Plug the other side of the resistor into a M-F wire.
Plug the other LED leg into a M-F wire.

Be careful not to let the legs touch each other, as this can short out your LED. A small piece of tape over the connections helps to keep them from coming apart.

materials needed:
Junk racer
Assorted junk
Extra components (optional)

Objective B: Finishing Touches

Finish up your junk racer! Are there any adjustments you need to make to the design before racing? Any style changes you want to make? Add extra parts from the amp store or old projects if you want. Remember that any LEDs you add will also need a resistor.

Got an extra battery pack?
Swap your 3 AAA pack out with a 4 AAA Pack for a speed upgrade OR use a 2 AAA pack instead to get ready for the slow race!
Masking tape makes a great start and finish line.

Objective C: Race

Put your junk racer to the test!

Drag Race: standard race to see who finishes first.
Slow Race: go as slow as possible while still moving!
Night Race: race in the dark with your LEDs on.
Time Trial: time yourself on the racetrack. How fast can you finish?
Fashion Show: set up your racer on the runway and show off its features.

Homework – Coming Soon

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