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Week 5 Objectives:

Objective A:    – Wire AAA Pack

Objective B:    – Wire Motor

Objective C:    – Construct Junk Racer

materials needed:
Wire strippers
3 AAA battery Pack
Electrical tape
2x M-M wires

Objective A: Battery Pack

Attach male leads to the 3 AAA battery pack that will power your junk racer. Instructions are in the video.

materials needed:
Wire strippers
2x M-F wires

Objective B: Motor

Attach 2 M-F wires to a motor for your junk racer. This works with M-M wires as well, but they aren’t as long.

Cut off the female end of each wire.
Strip each wire to about 15mm.
Twist the stripped end of each wire so that all the copper strands come together in a single point.
Twist a wire on to each of the copper motor tabs.

Be careful with the motor tabs – they are delicate and may tear if you tug too hard on them.

materials needed:
Hot glue
Wired AAA pack
Wired motor
2x Wheel
1x Power rail
1x Popsicle stick
Assorted junk

Objective C: Junk Racer

Use a glue gun and whatever junk you can find to build the racer body.
Start by attaching 2 wheels to your motor. Next, glue a popsicle stick to your motor so that you have a point to start attaching junk to. Afterwards the design is up to you. Remember to attach a power rail and a battery pack to your racer for building circuits.

Some things to keep in mind as you build your racer:
Off-center weight or drag will steer the racer to one side.
Heavier weight will make the racer slower.
More drag will make the racer slower.

When the racer body is done, build your circuit using the diagram.

Homework – Coming Soon

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