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Week 4 Objectives:

Objective A:    – LDR circuit added to building

Objective B:    – All building requirements met and checked off in journal

Objective C:    – Building completed and brought home

components needed:
1x LED
1x LDR
1x NPN transistor
1x 10K Ohm resistor
4x M-F wire
1x M-M wire

already in building:
2 AAA battery pack

Objective A: LDR

Add an LDR circuit onto your breadboard. The LED in this circuit will automatically turn on whenever the LDR is in the dark.

‘N’ in the diagram marks the flat side of the transistor. The LED and LDR plug into M-F wires so that you can position them on your building. Tape or glue them in place once your circuit is tested and working.

Think about how the placement of your LDR will affect your circuit’s behavior. What effect will it have if you position the light sensor next to an LED? What if you put it inside the building?

Objective B: Building Requirements

Have you met your building requirements yet? Remember that you need 2 Features from each list. Go ahead and finish them up now if you haven’t already.

Green ElementsAccessories
Geothermal Heating Lamp post
Solar Water HeatingA Person
Rain BarrelsFurniture
Green RoofPorch Light Fixture
Earth BuildingMailbox
Recycled Materials Fence

Objective C: Finishing Touches

This is our last week working on this project! Add any other features that you want to your building – you can use extra lights purchased from the amp store, decorate the exterior of your structure with markers, or raid the recycling bin for materials and expand your building. This one is up to you.


Leave your building at home and bring junk to class.

Plastic bottles, cardboard tubes, old boxes, soda cans…

Homework – Coming Soon

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