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Week 2 Objectives:

Objective A:    – Wire a 2 AAA pack

Objective B:    – Circuit practice. Complete up to Tilt Switch Circuit

Objective C:    – Add LEDs to building

materials needed:
Hot glue

Objective A: Battery Pack

Attach male leads to a 2 AAA battery pack so that it can plug into a breadboard. This will be the power supply for your house.

Start by cutting a male-male wire in half and stripping about 15mm of insulation from each side. Cut the soldered tips off of your battery pack wires and strip them by the same amount. Next, cross one of your battery pack wires with a half wire in an X. Twist so that all of the bare copper is joined together. Tape over the twisted connection with electrical tape. Do the same for the other side of the battery pack.

How to wire a battery pack. With audio!

materials needed:
2 AAA Battery Pack
1x Red LED
1x Green LED
1x Blue LED
1x Tilt switch
1x 220 Ohm resistor
6x M-M wire

Objective B: Circuit Practice!

Build all three of the following circuits. Each circuit should light up when complete. Circuit 3 (the one with the tilt switch) will turn off when you hold the breadboard upside down.

Because they use less voltage than other colors, Red LEDs always need a resistor on one side to keep from blowing out. This is why Circuit 2 has a 220 resistor attached to the positive leg.

Circuit 1

Circuit 2

Circuit 3

materials needed:
2 AAA Battery Pack
2x Green LEDs
2x Blue LEDs
8x M-F wires

Objective C: LEDs

Add 4 LEDs to your house! Start by finding a good place for your breadboard and battery pack. If they are going inside, make sure you can reach them easily for circuit building.

Double check that you can reach the ON/OFF switch and open your battery pack before you glue or tape it down.

The wiring diagram for adding each LED to your building is shown below. This circuit will not work for red LEDs. With a sharp pencil you can poke holes in your walls for passing LEDs and wires through. Get everything into position and test that your circuit works. Once that’s done, tape or hot glue your LEDs and wires down against your building to keep them from falling out. Don’t glue anything to your breadboard yet!

How could you change this circuit to make it work with red LEDs? Take another look at practice Circuit 2 for a hint.

Homework – Coming Soon

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