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Week 1 Objectives:

Objective A:    – Building walls cut out and glued down

Objective B:    – Building roof attached

Objective C:    – Green elements and building details added

materials needed:
Hot glue

Objective A: Walls

Measure and cut out the walls for your green building. Mark where your doors and windows will go and cut them out of the walls. Once that’s done, glue your walls down to your base. Hold them steady until the glue is completely dry; otherwise you may have to reglue and start over again. Note that more glue will take longer to dry.

When planning the layout of your building, think about where you will place your breadboard and battery pack next week. We will also be adding LEDs, a buzzer, and other components like switches and light sensors.

Need a hot glue refresher?

Cut a notch into your roof or add a handle to make it easy to open.

Objective B: Roof

Measure out a piece of coroplast for the roof of your building. Make sure when attaching your roof that you can still open up your structure to put things inside. The easiest way to do this is by making a hinge. Glue just one side, leaving the others free so you can lift the roof up and close it like a trap door.

Note: coroplast is easiest to bend if your fold goes in the same direction as the lines in the plastic. You can fold it in the other direction too, but it won’t be as tight and the plastic will spring back more.

Constructing the building:

Add your favorite EG Robotics character to your building!

Objective C: Details

Add at least 2 features from each list onto your building. Check them off in your journal as you go. You can add more from the list if you have extra time, or come up with some features of your own if you don’t see your ideas listed here.

By now you might be running out of coroplast. If so, now is a perfect time to check recycled materials off your Green Elements list – cardboard and plastic make great building materials. It’s also a good idea to hang on to any scraps left over from cutting out your doors and windows.

Choose 2 from each:
Green Building ElementsAccessories
Geothermal HeatingLamp post
Solar Water HeatingA Person
Rain BarrelsFurniture
Green RoofPorch Light Fixture
Earth BuildingMailbox
Recycled MaterialsFence

Homework – Coming Soon

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