Frequently Asked Questions

What are the hours of operation for the EG Robotics Office?

Generally 9AM-5PM. Occasionally all staff is out of the office visiting schools.

Is everything provided for students in class?

Students are provided with everything they need to be successful and build their projects and robots. The one exception to this is in the Going Green course when students need to bring “junk” from home to build their Junk racers.

Can any student join an EG Robotics course?

Students in 3rd-6th grade can join any of our first year courses. With each course into the school year the learning curve becomes greater, but still designed for new students.

How much does it cost?

The cost for a 6 week 2 hour course including the cost of project materials is generally $150-$165. The price increases for districts that charge more for room rental.

Is it OK if my student misses a week?

Generally a if a student misses one week of class they can get caught up. Teachers will spend more time with that student the following week to help them get back on track.

How does my child get to the After-School program? Do I have to pick him/her up at school dismissal to bring him/her there?

Each school has their own procedure on how students get to the after school courses. Please contact your school and ask them about their procedure.

Where does the After-School program take place?

The after school program is on site at each school. It is generally in a teacher’s classroom or an unused room.

What time should I pick up my student?

Your child should be picked up right at the time the class ends. This is generally 2 hours after your school dismisses students from class. 

What happens if I am late to pick up my student?

If you are more then 15 minutes late there will be a $15 late fee. After this initial time period for every 5 minute increment there is an additional $5 fee.

Is there After-School during school holidays?

The EG Robotics program only runs when students are attending school. On days that are in-service days or teacher-parent conferences and the like the program will not go.

If the school is closed for a snow day, but the weather isn’t that bad, is there After-School?

When school is cancelled or not in session then our program is also not in session.

The After-School class I selected ends at 4:30. What does my child do after that?

If you require additional care for your student after the EG Robotics program ends then please contact your school’s after care program and arrange for them to go straight to aftercare.

Who will be caring for my child after school?

EG Robotics hires teachers that love students, passed background checks, and have been trained on how to teach EG Robotics curriculum. Our teachers are responsible and take care to ensure your student is safe and also learning high level concepts.

Can my student walk or bike home on their own?

Your student may go home on their own if written consent in the pickup section of registration states that they can or if they have a signed note stating they can. 

My child was sick last week. How can my child get caught up?

Most of the time an EG Robotics teacher will spend extra time with your child helping them get caught up. On occasion they may be able to bring their project home and work on it to get caught up as well.

Is there a minimum number students for the course to run?

We need at least 8 students to run the program at a location. The more students we have in a class the greater the success of running the program all year and especially for providing a second year club for the students to continue learning.

What is the cancellation policy?

Our cancellation policy reflects our refund policy. No payment is due if cancelled 2 weeks before the start date, 20% is due if cancelled 7 days to 13 days before, and 40% is due if cancelled 3 days to 6 days before. The full amount is due if 2 days notice or less is given before the course start date.

What is the refund policy?

A full refund is given if requested 2 weeks before the start date, 80% 7 days to 13 days before, and 60% 3 days to 6 days before. Generally no refund is given 2 days or less before the course start date.

What if my child or I don’t like the program?

Please contact us as soon as possible if your student or you are not happy with the program. We will work with you and your student to make sure the situation improves and we provide a great experience.

How many students participate in EG Robotics programs?

We have over 300+ Students involved in our program.

Is EG Robotics part of a national organization?

No, EG Robotics was started here in Portland, OR.

When can I register my child for After School classes?

Registration for a course is generally opened at the time schools or the location gives approval for the course.

When do After School classes begin and end?

Each course has a different start date. Please check the registration email or the Find A Class page.

Can I register my child for classes via e-mail or mail?

If you do not have the means to register online or by phone please contact us through email or in person and we can make email or mail registration work.

Can my student sign up a week or more late?

Students can sign up a week late for a course at a prorated amount. Generally if they miss only one class they can get caught up pretty quickly. Students generally cannot join after 2 weeks of class unless they have had prior experience and understand they would have to get caught up over the remaining weeks.