EG robotics is looking for:

  • Lead Teachers

    Manage a class of your own! $12-$16/hr (15-25 hours per week)

  • Assistant Teachers

    Learn from a lead teacher and gain experience! $10-$11 (15-20 hours per week)

If you have a passion for teaching and love being involved with kids, being an EG Robotics teacher is a great opportunity.

We train teachers on all of our courses and robotic content. What we are looking for most, is individuals with a passion for teaching, and the ability to relate to students and create good relationships.

Step 1

Okay, so you love teaching and really want the opportunity to work in education! You send a resume and cover letter to and the hiring team looks over your credentials and they schedule you an interview!

Step 2

You show up to the interview feeling nervous and excited. You’ll hear about the Company and job position. You share with us who you are and what has made you, you. You try your hand at cutting, stripping, twisting wires and building some simple circuits.

Step 3

You get hired by EG Robotics! You go through our training and meet the team! You’ll learn more about electronics and teaching as you teach each new class and course!