EG (Electronic Genius) Cards!

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A Deck of EG Cards

EG Cards Q&A

How many decks do I need?

Each person needs their own deck. So you would need 4 decks for 4 people to play once.

Where did EG Cards come from?

EG Robotics is a family company. We like to have fun and play games as a family, but we also value learning. EG Cards is a way for us to bring the two together. We design the cards and package the decks ourselves. They are printed in the US, and sold locally in the Portland area.

What is the goal of EG Cards?

Fun and learning! EG Cards are playing cards, trading cards, and flash cards! Every component card shows a fact or two about the component it features.

Who is EG Cards for?

EG Cards is for everyone! People who like to play games, collectors, and robotics/electronics beginners! Play one-on-one or in a group of 3 or 4.

What’s in a deck?

  • THE RULES: A simple, abridged version of the rules to get you started playing right away! (Complete Rules and Gameplay)
  • ONE CHARACTER CARD: A blank Character card to fill in with an image of yourself!
  • ONE ROBOT CARD: Every basic card pack has the same robot. Students get new rare cards in classes!
  • SEVEN POWER CARDS: Different battery packs to bring power to your bot!
  • THREE DEFENSE CARDS: Components which add defense to your bot to thwart attacks!
  • SIX ATTACK CARDS: These components are intended to disable your opponent’s robot.
  • TWO ACTION CARDS: Special cards that give you a unique advantage!

How do I play?

The basic concept is to “build” a robot that is powerful enough to disable your opponent’s robot and tough enough to survive your opponent’s attacks. Basic rules come with every deck to get you playing quickly. You can also check out the Complete Rules and Gameplay.