Can we play yet?

It’s About Learning!

What’s a 7 segment LED? Why do we use a gearbox with a motor? EG Robotics cards answer all these questions and more. Use the cards as a reference in class, Reinforce your memory and knowledge of components while playing!

A Family Activity!

We designed the cards to be accessible for an entire family. Games can be played with anywhere from 2-8 people. (Although it’s best with 2-4 players).

Trading Cards!

Although there is a basic pack to get started, EG Robotics is constantly adding cool new cards for Electronic geniuses to buy or collect in our courses! Building an awesome deck with unique characters and components will engage students with component knowledge in a fun and creative way!

What’s In A Deck?

  • One character card

    A blank Character card to fill in with an image of yourself!

  • One Robot Card

    Every basic card pack has the same robot. Students get new cards in classes!

  • Seven Power Cards

    Different battery packs to bring power to your bot!

  • Three Defense Cards

    Components add defense to your bot to thwart attacks!

  • Six Attack Cards

    These components are intended to short circuit your opponents.

  • Two Action Cards

    Special cards that give you a unique advantage!