Saving Green City – Booklet 1

Level 1: Training Day

  • Sensei Bob’s Handbook – Learn the hardware and software of the Arduino. Answer questions in Journal.
  • Mediation Light – Connect the Arduino, upload a sketch to it and wire an LED circuit to see the LED fade in and out.
  • Making Lightsabers – Modify code to make the RGB led a specific color and attach a hot glue stick to it to make it glow like a lightsaber.
  • Knight Rider – attach 7 LEDs to the bread board and to pins 2-8 to make the light go back and forth like the knight rider car.
  • Rolling the Dice – Use 7 LEDs setup like a dice dots and use a momentary switch to make an electronic die
  • Voltage Indicator – Attach 8 LEDs to the Arduino and use a Potentiometer to control voltage input into Analog pins. The lights will increasing light up as the voltage increases.
  • Security Alarm – Use a motion sensor with a buzzer to sound an alarm when movement is detected.
  • Level 1 Test – Answer questions about Arduino. Upload test code, build circuit without instructions.

Level 2: Upgrading Time

  • Sensei Bob’s Handbook 2 – Learn basic C++ to program the Arduino. Answer questions in Journal
  • Communication Tower – Make a circuit with 3 LEDs and program them to flash a sequence.
  • SOS Morse Code – Attach a buzzer to the Arduino and program it to beep SOS.
  • Fire Truck Lights – Use the RGB LED and program it to flash like fire truck lights.
  • Robot Ambulance – Use your robot and program it to make at a specific speed using PWM.
  • Traffic Control Lights – Build a traffic light and program it to be Red, Yellow, and Green.
  • Bowling for BluBotz – Program your robot to run a course to hit all of the evil BluBotz.
  • Level 2 Test – Answer questions about code. Write your own write to flash two LEDs and attach the two LEDs without instructions.

Level 3: Deactivating BluBotz

  • Sensei Bob’s Handbook 3 – Learn about Variables, Integars, ++ and — to increase or decrease a value. Answer questions in journal.
  • Professional Programmer – Write code using variables instead of pin numbers to light up 3 LEDs consecutively.
  • Motor Burnout – Use variables to code your robot’s two motors and be able to switch the pin out on them simply by changing the variable.
  • Deactivator Bomb – Program an LED to flash progressively faster using the — operator.
  • Level 3 Test – Answer questions about variables, ++ and — operators. Write a code using Variables, — and ++ to flash two LEDs back and forth.

Level 4: BluBot Communication

  • Sensei Bob’s Handbook 4 – Learn code for printing to the Serial Monitor and the LCD screen.
  • Learning to Hack BluBotz – Write code to print words out to the Serial monitor every 3 seconds.
  • Reprogramming BluBotz – Attach LCD screen and code it to display words on both lines.
  • Digital Art! – Learn to make your own characters and move them across the LCD screen.
  • Level 4 Test – Answer questions about Pixels, code to display words to serial monitor and LCD. Code the Arduino to flash a light back and forth and have the LCD screen say what color of LED is flashing.

Leaving Green City – Booklet 2

Level 5: Making Money

  • Neelix’s Guide Book Chapter 1 – Learn about Voltage Divide, Resistors, Pull down resistors. Answer questions in Journal.
  • Air Guitar – Upload code to control two buzzers using 2 LDRs.
  • Investing in a Jukebox – Use the tone library to program the buzzer to play specific songs and sense when a coin has been inserted into the jukebox.
  • Game Controller – Attach an LCD screen and 2 momentary switch to the arduino and code your own text adventure game.
  • 8 Ball – Use the LCD screen and a tilt sensor to code your own random 8 Ball.
  • Level 5 Test – Answer questions about Resistors and circuits. Attach an LDR, Momentary switch, and tilt sensor to the arduino. Code it to say something to the serial monitor each time the sensors are sensing something.

Level 6: Catching Robbers

  • Neelix’s Guide Book Chapter 2 – Learn about analogRead and using the serial monitor to get values. Answers questions in journal.
  • LifeCorp Job – Use multiple sensors an analogRead to print values to the serial monitor.
  • Reducing Green City Fires – Using a tilt sensor and analogRead code the arduino to turn off a heater if it tips over.
  • Saving Wolfie – Build a Winch. Code the winch to move when you press a button.
  • Catching Robbers – Add a sensor and motor with a whacking device to your robot so that when the robbers come again you can defend yourself.
  • Level 6 Test – Answer questions about analog and analogRead. Attach 3 buttons to your robot to be able to control it going forward, left, and right.

Level 7: Preparing for Tournaments

  • Neelix’s Guide Book Chapter 3 – Learn about If Statements and answer questions in journal.
  • Laser Tag – Using infrared light and an IR receiver program an LED and buzzer to activate when hit b the IR light.
  • Night Racer – Use an LDR circuit with your Robot to activate the robot to move when the lights go dim.
  • Creator Your Own Project – Think of an idea, present idea to teacher for approval, get working on your project.
  • Level 7 Test – Answer questions about IF statements. Code and make a circuit that will turn on two different LEDs depending on the position of the potentiometer.

Level 8: Follow the Light

  • Neelix’s Guide Book Chapter 4 – How to detect light levels and use variables to start making a light following robot.
  • More Coming Soon