Get District Requirements

If this is the first time you are going into a district. Do the research of what all is required to run the EG Robotics program in the district. Record Information in the Advertising/Retention – District Notes Tab

Advertising/Retention Sheet

EG Robotics has a small favor to ask.

Subject: Class is better with friends!

Hi {{parentname}},

We hope {{studentname}} is as excited about Rescue Bots at {{schoolname}} as we are! You will be surprised at the knowledge and skills your student learns in this course. We can’t wait for you to see how the robot turns out – their most advanced robot yet! If you haven’t already, please check out the Rescue Bots Course Outline to see exactly what the class will be learning and doing each week.

If your child enjoys our classes, and you value problem-solving, critical thinking, and engineering skills, we have a small favor to ask of you. We need a few more sign-ups to continue to hold great classes year-round, develop and improve our curriculum, and keep tuition as low as possible. You can help get us there! Mention our program to someone, or share a quick email, post, or text with your friends. We have added a share feature on each school sign up page. From there you can easily choose how to share from the icon bar. We really appreciate your support and teamwork!

– EG Robotics (The ‘Z’ Brothers)

Invite A Friend Late

Send out an Email to all current students in a class where it is not full to see if they would invite a friend a week late and earn 5000 AMP Dollars.

Download Flyers to Print –> password = egr4 –> Schools/Classes –>All –> Go through each school select course –> Click \”FLYER >\””}” data-sheets-userformat=”{“2″:4480,”10″:2,”11″:4,”15″:”arial,sans,sans-serif”}”>Download all flyers –> –> password –> Schools/Classes –>All –> Go through each school select course –> Click “FLYER >”

Check Flyer Carefully!

Check the flyer detail before printing to make sure cost, Dates and Time and all information is correct.

Print Flyers

Print flyers according to the correct stacks. Check the flyer page in the Advertising/Retention Sheet

Candy for Office and Teachers

Purchase group candy that can be easily share both the office staff and teachers that come in. Price should be $7 or less.

Make Note When Flyers were Printed

When done printing flyers for a school make a note in the Advertising/Retention Sheet when you completed in the “Flyers Distributed” tab.

Ask PTA/School of Events

Ask the PTA and school if there are any up coming events where we could have a table to teach kids electronics and advertise our program.

PTA Event Email

Hi (School) PTA,

We are wondering if your school has any events coming up where we could setup an interactive table to teach students how to build circuits. The students have a great time making circuits with LEDs, Wires, Resistors, Capacitors and more! Sometimes even parents join in and learn to build circuits as well!

We love to show students and parents what we teach in our program and give them a real experience with making electronics.

If no events are coming up soon, please keep us in mind for any future events!

Let me know if you have any questions.


Make Note of Event

Make note of the details of any events on the Advertising/Retention Sheet under the School Events Tab

Automatic Emails to Students to invite

Use the email system until automatic system is up. Email all previous class students who are not signed up for current.

Feedback and What’s Next

Subject: Looking for feedback

Hi {{parentname}},

We hope {{studentname}} is enjoying {{oldcoursename}} and more importantly learning the science, skills and concepts!

Now that we are a couple weeks into the course, we would love to get some feedback from you. Do you have any suggestions, comments or concerns? How do you feel our EG Robotics teacher is doing?

Please go to our Survey and fill out the form, we would love to get your feedback in order to continue to improve our program! You can always call and talk to us about it too! Our office number is 971-266-3654.

If {{studentname}} is enjoying {{oldcoursename}}, you can sign up for the next course – {{coursename}} – right here! We want to give current students a chance to join the next course before we send out flyers to new students.


{{coursename}} {{schoolname}}
Dates: {{classdates}}
Time: {{classtime}}
Cost: {{classcost}}
Sign up here:{{schoolid}}

Let me know if you have any questions!

Zayne Mayfield

Record Invite Email

Record which schools you sent the invite email to. Since the schools get off by a week or two making sure you record which ones sent is crucial. Record information in the Advertising/Retention Sheet under Invite Email Record tab.

Call Parents

under Format: select CSV –> Click Go. Open CSV file in excel. Write notes on each call on the row.”}” data-sheets-userformat=”{“2″:4480,”10″:2,”11″:4,”15″:”arial,sans,sans-serif”}”>Go to EGR Login Page and click Phone Call Report. Enter username and password for login and password. Click Export –> under Format: select CSV –> Click Go. Open CSV file in excel. Write notes on each call on the row.

Call all Monday parents on Tuesday. Tuesday parents on Wednesday and so forth

Phone Call Script

Hi my name is ____ with EG Robotics.

I’m calling today with 2 quick questions. Do you have a minute? Great. We are always working on developing and making out classes better and we would really appreciate your honest feedback.

How do you feel the class is going?

Great – I really appreciate that. 2nd, we would like to give our current students the first opportunity to sign up for the next class – Going Green – before we send out flyers and the class fills up. Would you like me to sign (student name) up? ———-YES – awesome, you will receive a confirmation email shortly confirming enrollment.

Do you have any questions at this time? Great, we look forward to having (student name) in Going Green. Have a great day.

———-NO – No problem, if/when you decide you are ready, you can sign up via our website,, or just call me back. Also If you would prefer, I can also set a reminder for a follow up call with you.

Do you have any questions for me?

Great, thank you for your time and have a great day!

Distribute Flyers

Distribute the schools out on Monday and Bring the candy to give to the office.

Record Flyers Delivered

Record all of the delivered flyers in the Advertising/Retention Sheet under the Flyers Distributed tab.

Banners and Posters

Check enrollment and see which schools are low and decide if a banner or poster or both would be good to have at the school.

Get posters and banners hung up.

Email to PTA

Email the PTA where school attendance is low to ask if they would help spread the word.

PTA Email Template

Hi {{schoolname}} PTA/PTO,

We are so excited to be starting our next robotics course – {{coursename}} for all 3rd-5th grade students! Currently we are close, but have not quite hit our student minimum for the class to go through. We are hoping with the help of the PTO we can spread the word about our classes and make sure every parents is aware of our program.

Email lists, FaceBook page, school website, or any other means that you may have available would be great! Also, If you have any after school activities coming up soon or PTA meetings, we would love the chance to give a demonstration and bring in some fun parts and circuits for kids and parents to check out. For your convenience I have attached the flyer for {{coursename}}, and hope you can distribute it to the parents of {{schoolname}}.

Thank you!

Student Handout for Next class

Print out the student handout for the next class for them to bring it home and give to their parents to sign up.

Last Chance

Subject: Friendly Reminder

Hi {{parentname}},

We know life can be very busy! We just wanted to send you a quick reminder that the next EG Robotics class – {{coursename}} at {{schoolname}} will be starting next week and you can still sign up!

Simply sign up online, by calling us (971-266-3654), or just reply to this email and we will take care of it for you!

– EG Robotics Team

Coming Soon

Please List other potential or select times of the year options in this area