Join 2018-19 After School Robotics Classes:

Join us for Fall Robotics where we learn about electricity, make a swivel racer and an electronic piano! Learn electrical and mechanical engineering while having a blast building your projects. Mix circuits and digital sounds together for an awesome tech project!


Join us for Winter Robotics to make a Robotic Arm using the Arduino! Practice picking up and moving things with the robotic arm and controller you build completely from scratch! This is a great opportunity to learn how the Arduino microprocessor works. 

Join us for Spring Robotics to make the best robot yet called B.O.B.! Build-O-Bot, BOB, is 4 wheel drive with a forward and a reverse option. Then add 2 more motors for arms and get your robot to wave hello or swing a hammer! Finish it out with some LED eyes and a name!

*After school classes are designed for 3rd-6th grade students who love building, tinkering and being creative! Call us at 971-266-3654 with any questions!

We Teach Elementary Kids College Level Electrical, Mechanical, and Software Engineering in Year-Round, Project-Based Classes!