Watch the Rescue Bots Introduction

EG Robotics has a world of characters and intriguing stories students just love! Neelix, a green robot, explains everything from electricity to micro-controllers! Characters like DR. Volts, Roy Robson, Vicky VoltsSummertime Steve, and tons more help students build projects and learn concepts. As the story lines progress students learn more about the characters and the mysterious Lifecorp. Below is an example of the animated video we use in class.

Make your own holiday ornament!

EG Robotics courses are designed for 3rd, 4th, 5th and (sometimes) 6th graders.

Level 1 Courses: Year Round Program

Course 2: Going Green

Students with their light following robots in our summer camps had a great time!

A student using the 7 Segment LED to say, “Hi!”

A motor driver module that students build and use in their projects.

Going Green class, where students build and wire their own model house!